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The Gossip File

Anna Staniszewski
Summary: The third book in Anna Staniszewski's award-winning middle school book series: The Dirt Diaries! A gripping double identity book and delicious tale of gossip and its consequences, even if it's about someone else... The Gossip File: Chandra lets little kids pee in the pool. Melody stole $ from the café register. Ava isn't who she says she is... Ava is cool. Ava is confident. Ava is really Rachel Lee who is lying her butt off. Rachel is visiting her dad at a resort in sunny Florida and is ready for two weeks of relaxing poolside, trips to Disney World—and NOT scrubbing toilets. Until her dad's new girlfriend, Ellie, begs Rachel to help out at her short-staffed café. That's when Rachel kinda sorta adopts a new identity to impress the cool, older girls who work there. Ava is everything Rachel wishes she could be. But when the girls ask "Ava" to help add juicy resort gossip to their file, Rachel's not sure what to do...especially when one of the entries is a secret about Ellie. A perfect way to talk about kindness and the power words have over others. Praise for award-winning Author Anna Staniszewski's The Dirt Diary series: "Staniszewski keeps the focus on comedy... Gentle fun laced with equally gentle wisdom."—Kirkus "Rachel's situation and feelings ring true...This realistic read is likely to appeal to middle schoolers and reluctant readers."—School Library Journal "I LOVED it...sweet, sensitive, and delicious!"—Erin Dionne, author of Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies The Dirt Diaries Series is the perfect... book series for girls aged 9-12 growing up book for girls summer reading book for reluctant readers preteen gift for girls
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